TIARE Digital vault

Preserve your videos and share them only with who you want

Practice Areas

Security is the priority

Access to videos stored in the Digital Vault is reserved exclusively to authorized parties and in accordance with the defined rules, including m-of-n (M authorized users from a total universe of N users, where M

Trust and Credibility

Guarantee that the information stored in the Digital Vault is certified and is not changed/ violated.

Responsiveness and Performance

Guarantee that the process of saving videos is instantaneous and does not interfere with responsiveness of the services to which it is connected.


Guarantee a service with 99.9% uptime availability.

Ensure that all necessary information is always available and in security.

Exchange sensitive information with all the security, with a limited set of partners. Know how

Store sensitive and confidential information with all security!

Save the critical systems management credentials, reliably, with simplicity and low cost.

Who needs tiare-vault?

To prevent the theft/loss of the access credentials to critical systems and enable their use in a practical and functional way, in accordance with best practices in Information Security, this mVault digital vault solution involves saving these contents in a secure vault, encrypted and with tight access restriction measures.

How does it work?

There are three possible ways to store credentials:

  1. Each of the holders keeps his credentials in the vault (by being deposited, it is automatically encrypted) and this can only be interpreted by its owner
  2. To prevent that a single user has full knowledge of a critical credential, it may be introduced in the vault in separate parts, being reconstituted – and kept encrypted – only within it (without being displayed to users). Later, only a set of preconfigured people in the vault will be able to recover the entire password through the implementation of an m-of-n mechanism.
  3. The credential is inserted in the credentials’ Digital Vault for access to critical systems and it may be raised/ used after authentication of m-of-n users.


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